Job opportunities in the fields of Audio transcription and subtitling

We welcome applications from translators, editors and proof readers with the following profile:

  • Bilingual or multilingual proficiency in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish. Applicants must be proficient in at least two of the aforementioned languages to create subtitles that accurately reflect the source material.
  • Attention to detail: We require a high level of attention to detail to ensure that the final product is accurate, error-free, and timed correctly.
  • Good typing skills: Candidates must have good typing skills.
  • Familiarity with subtitling software: Applicants must be familiar with applications used for subtitling, which includes timing, editing, and formatting tools.
  • Cultural knowledge: We require an outstanding knowledge of idioms, expressions, and cultural references to be able to understand the cultural context of the source material.
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation skills: Candidates must have excellent grammar and punctuation skills to create subtitles that are easy to read and understand.
  • Research skills: Ability to research and understand unfamiliar terminology or concepts in order to accurately subtitle them.
  • Time management: Meeting deadlines is essential for successful projects.

Why join us as a subtitler or captioner?

  • Language proficiency: Joining us is a great way to use your language skills to earn a living.
  • Flexibility/Work from anywhere: If you choose to work as a freelancer, this allows for a flexible work schedule. Moreover, you could work from virtually anywhere as all one needs is quietness, a computer with the right subtitling software and an Internet connection. It can also be a great side gig for those who want to earn extra income.
  • Creativity: You will further enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills as subtitlers have to convey the meaning and emotion behind the dialogue while staying within the constraints of time and space. It requires more than simply translating.
  • Cultural awareness: You will gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures and perspectives as subtitling requires an understanding of the cultural nuances and references that are often embedded in dialogue.
  • Career opportunities: Subtitling can lead to a variety of career opportunities, including working in the film, television, and streaming industries, as well as the video game and e-learning industries.

If you meet the requested profile requirements, please feel free to apply online.